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Import coupons via CSV
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Migrating from a different platform or do you have bulk coupon data you need to get on Trackdesk quickly and efficiently? Look no further with the CSV import feature, you'll be set up in no time. Here's how to do it.

This feature is available in public beta for Business plans and higher.

Prepare your source file

First make sure that the data you're planning to upload is in order. The file should have 3 columns:

  • Code – This is the code of the coupon you're planning to use.

  • Offer ID – The ID of the offer for which you want the coupons to be redeemed, you can find this in the general tab of offer detail.

  • Referral ID – The ID of the affiliate who's going to be promoting the code, you can find this in the affiliate list.

Upload your CSV

Navigate to Affiliates -> Coupons from the main menu and click on "Add new coupon" button:

In the modal window select the "Import from CSV" option and select or drag n' drop the file you prepared in the previous step.

The system will show the data that will be imported, so you can validate before you commit the changes and select if the coupons should be uploaded as active or inactive.

And that's it! You should see the imported coupons in the coupon list if upload was successful, the system will notify you if upload fails for any specific coupons.

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