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Track Stripe coupons via Zapier
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Redemption of Stripe coupons can easily be tracked via Zapier. In the guide below you will be shown all the ways you are able to connect tracking of Stripe coupons to Coupons of your affiliates in your Trackdesk account.

Zapier setup will consist of three parts - Trigger, Filter and Action.

Followed by sync of Coupons to your Trackdesk account.


As a Trigger you can choose between following Stripe triggers, depending on what fits you more (only these triggers send information about redeemed coupons)

  • New Subscription

  • New Invoice

After selecting a trigger, connecting your account and test follows.

After you connect your account and pull the test data you can save the step.

With this Trigger action will be complete.


We recommend adding a filter action Filter by Zapier to let only orders with coupons go through. If this filter is not set, Zap uses more usage and stops after some time due to errors of coupons not contained in them.

You will use conditions "Discount Codes Code" and "Exists", this will make sure only orders that have coupon will go through.


As an Action that will follow one of the above mentioned triggers you will choose Trackdesk integration and select Action Create Coupon Conversion.

Next you will connect your Trackdesk account in section account. By filling your Tenant ID and API key, both of these two information can be copied on the Settings page in your program.

Next you will fill the Action itself, following parameters are required to fill.

  • Coupon code

    • As for a coupon code you can choose between fields Discount Promotion Code, Discount Coupon Name and Discount Coupon Id

      • Discount Promotion Code is ID of the promotion code

      • Discount Coupon Name is Name of the coupon

      • Discount Coupon Id is ID of the coupon

  • Conversion status

    • If you won't follow with automations to change statuses select status Approved

  • Revenue origin ID

    • This information can be found on the Settings page in your Trackdesk system (on same place where you took the Tenant ID and Personal token previously)

  • Conversion type code

    • You will type the conversion type code you would like to create conversion with

    • Make sure the offer your affiliates are using contains this conversion type

  • Country of customer who redeems the coupon

    • If you have the country available from some other steps you are adding to this flow you can add the country in ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 format

    • If you don't have the country available you can choose any country from the ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 to at least have a placeholder

  • Amount

    • If Conversion type you selected uses a percentage payout you will need to fill the amount from which Affiliate payout will be counted

    • If Conversion type you selected doesn't use a percentage payout (and uses fixed payout) you can skip this field as the payout for affiliate is already set on the offer in the system

Now you can save the Zap and move to the part on side of your Trackdesk system.

Coupons part in the Trackdesk system

When you have the Zap ready you have to have the Coupons with their codes present in the system.

In order to create a coupon, navigate to menu Affiliates > submenu Coupons and use the Add new coupon button.

Now fill in the information for coupons

  • Coupon code - this field needs to be an exact same information that you selected above in the trigger (one of the - Discount Promotion Cod, Discount Coupon Name and Discount Coupon Id that Stripe provides

  • Referral ID - affiliate for which the coupon is created (so the redeem of the coupon can be atributed to the affiliate)

  • Offer - Offer to which coupons will be assigned (for the saved revenue and payouts purposes)


In order to test the coupons we recommend creating a coupon for 100% discount and use it on a test customer in Stripe. If when both above parts - Zap and Coupons in Trackdesk, are ready then conversion will start showing in the Conversion report.

In order to troubleshoot Coupons, see the Conversion error log in your system in menu Tracking > submenu Conversion error log.

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