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So you're all set up through the Stripe app and want to integrate trackdesk coupons into your Stripe purchase flow. Look no further, here's how to set everything up.

Create coupons on trackdesk

First, start by creating a coupon code you want to use right on trackdesk. You can find more details about the process in this article. Write down or remember the coupon code you want to use, you will need it in the next steps.

Enable coupon tracking in Stripe

Now, enable coupon tracking in Stripe. You can do this by going to Settings -> Installed apps -> Trackdesk and toggling the Coupon tracking switch on.

Go to Product catalog -> Coupons tab and create a new coupon in Stripe. In the newly created coupon, add a new promotion code – make sure that the created promotion code matches the one you created on trackdesk.

⚠️ Please note that coupon tracking for recurring purchases (subscriptions) is currently not supported.

Add coupon code to payment links

After you enabled coupon tracking, navigate to Payment links menu and select the payment link you're using for your products. Go into the detail of the payment link, click on the dropdown arrow next to the blue "Copy" button. And select "URL parameters"

In the pop-up modal, select promotion code parameter and fill in your trackdesk coupon code:

Your coupon tracking should now be all set up!

Test the coupon tracking

You can test the coupon tracking by making a conversion on the product you just set up. Make a test purchase using your promo code:

Go to payment details and open up the trackdesk side modal, you should see quick information about the affiliate associated with the purchase:

If you click on the "Check the report on trackdesk" link, you will be lead to conversion overview on trackdesk where you can see the conversion with the applied coupon and all other details:

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