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Mass import affiliates from CSV
Mass import affiliates from CSV
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Migrating from a spreadsheet or another platform and want to save yourself from the manual labor of getting all of your affiliates into Trackdesk? Easily import all of your affiliates to Trackdesk in one fell swoop via CSV – here's how to do it.

This feature is currently in public beta and only available for Starter plan and higher, if you run into any issues with this feature, let us know at [email protected] or via Intercom chat.

Prepare your CSV file

First, prepare the raw data for import. As with most data based operations, the better the source, the better the result, so make sure your data is consistent and without errors. The bare minimum of information that needs to be present in the CSV is your affiliate's email and full name (or it can be separated in first name, middle name, last name etc. – you will be able to connect the data in one of the later steps). You can also include a Referral ID or password you want to create for your affiliates – don't worry if you don't have either one of them, the system can generate them automatically.

If you already have a file that has more columns present, you can just leave it as it is, the system will take only relevant data into account.

We also recommend using the first row of the CSV as a header indicating the data in each column as it will make it easier to assign the data properly later on.

The system support most major delimiters and encoding, although we do recommend to use comma and UTF-8.

Once you have data prepared and ready to go, you can proceed onto the next step.

Upload your CSV file

Under Affiliates, navigate to Affiliate list page from the main menu and click on the Add new affiliate button. You will see the following prompt with the Import from CSV option:

Select the CSV file you prepared in the previous step, or drag and drop it directly into the app:

Review the data before committing to the import

The system will parse the columns of your CSV and automatically assign them to specific parameters in Trackdesk database. Before committing to the import, you have to review how the data that will be imported.

Important: make sure to thoroughly review the data from your CSV as they will appear in the system to avoid any complications!

In order to properly set up your affiliates in the system the following parameters need to be created/imported:

  • Login email – this is the email your affiliates will use to log in to the system and where they will receive the invitation to register, for more detail about affiliate registration see this article

  • Full name – the name of the affiliate as it will be displayed in the system

  • Referral ID – the ID of the affiliate, this ID is used by affiliate when sending the traffic to your website

  • Password – the initial password created for the login

The Treat first line as header is turned on by default and skips the first line in the CSV. Values in this row are treated as select options in the inputs below. If you want you can turn this off and the first line data will be imported as an affiliate.

In the column mapping section of the import, you can select which columns from your source file you want to assign to each parameter in Trackdesk database.

For instance, you can put together the full name of your affiliate by ordering the columns from your source file. In the system they will be unified into a single full name parameter.

After you review the data you can click on the Import button which will start importing the affiliates in the system and send out an invitation to sign up with Trackdesk via email if it succeeds. You can review the status of each import in the status column.

Get started with affiliate management on Trackdesk

Now that you have your affiliates imported into Trackdesk, you can start managing them and invite them to take part in one of your offers to start creating conversions. To learn more about all the options we have for affiliate management, refer to the Affiliates section on our wiki.

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