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Payment Methods
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You are able to set the payment methods that you prefer from your affiliates. This information will be used by you to pay them.

Without a set payment method affiliates won't be able to have their balances settled. In addition, these affiliate will not be included in the settlement, if their payment method is not filled.

How to Support a Payment Method

In order to support a payment method, you need to set them first. This can be done in settings in the section Affiliates on the page Payment methods.

The payment methods you selected are shown to affiliates. They are able to fill in their information for these selected payment methods.

When a payment method is unsupported from your side, the information of all affiliates is deleted.

How can an Affiliate select a Payment Method?

Affiliates can select a payment method in their billing settings, as shown below. Affiliates can only choose a payment method you set as supported.

Also if necessary, you are able to set the payment method for the affiliate in his detail in the affiliate list or via the Impersonation feature from the affiliate list.

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