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The Billing Overview
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When you are ready to pay your affiliates, you can settle their balances.

Balances are settled on the page Open balance by clicking either on the Settle all filtered balances to settle all affiliates or Settle balance for an individual record.

This will open a modal, where you have to option to add a specific a note for the settlement. This note can be used for multiple purposes such as noting why the settlement was created, for whom it was created, and so on.

When you are done, use the Settle button to create the settlement.

This will mark the selected open balance/s as settled and move the selected records to the Settled balance section. Some records might not be moved due to missing information in the affiliate's payment method or billing details.

In the section Settled balance, you can see detailed information about each settlement and you can download a .csv file for each of the settlements. For more information see the related article for the Settled balance.

Prerequisites to Pay Out Affiliates

To include an affiliate in a settlement, they need to have billing details and a payment method set. Without this information, settlement for an affiliate will be skipped.

For more information about Billing details and Payment methods see their respective articles.

Paying Affiliates up to a Certain Date

If you would like to pay affiliates only up to a certain date, you can do so by specifying the date at the top left.

When the date is filtered, open balances of all affiliates are filtered only up to this date. This means that only conversions that happen on or before this date will move to the settlement.

Keep in mind that payments to affiliates are currently not automated - to pay out your affiliates, you'd still need to handle the payments or upload the settlement file/s to your payment service in bulk.

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