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System Language
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System translations are used to translate non-data texts in the system. The system can be automatically translated to the language of your choosing from the list of supported ones. You have two main options when setting up the language: changing the default language for you and your affiliates, or change the language individually only for you.

System translations are available for Starter plan and higher. Please note that some languages are still under review and system email localisation is unsupported.

Changing the default language for you and your affiliates

You can change the default language for your system and your affiliates' system by navigating to Settings -> General -> Language. The language you select here will be the default for everyone in all places in the app – including the affiliate onboarding/registration, so if you have regional affiliates, you can make sure they understand every part of the app from the get go.

Changing language for individual user

In order to change your own system language, you or your affiliates navigate to the user menu at the top.

Navigate to the language menu and change the language to your liking. This change will have effect only for you and will not influence language setting of other users or the default language setting.

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