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Activity logs
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Have a large team and need to stay on top changes made in the system? Our activity logs got you covered.

This feature is only available for enterprise plan.

How to work with activity logs

Navigate to Logs -> Activity logs. You will see a list of logged activities by the system. The logged parameters are the timestamp of change, the full name is the account that directly made the changed, a brief description of the change and if the change was made via impersonation, the target impersonated account.

You can open the detail of the log to see the changes made in the specific part of the system:

You can also toggle the "Show unchanged" switch to view the full JSON including the unchanged lines.

List of tracked activities

We are continuously adding new activities that are logged, currently the system logs the following events:

  • Affiliate billing detail changed

  • Affiliate billing detail created

  • Affiliate manually created

  • Affiliate note created

  • Affiliate note deleted

  • Affiliate payment method changed

  • Affiliate payment method created

  • Affiliate payment method deleted

  • Conversion revenue changed

  • Conversion status changed

  • Coupon created

  • Coupon deleted

  • Coupon status changed

  • Direct landing page changed

  • Direct landing page created

  • Direct landing page deleted

  • Offer created

  • Offer pricing changed

  • Offer status changed

  • Postback changed

  • Postback created

  • Postback deleted

  • Redirect landing page changed

  • Redirect landing page created

  • Redirect landing page deleted

  • Affiliate registration page note changed

  • Automated advertiser claim generating changed

  • Affiliate dashboard note changed

  • Default affiliate status after registration changed

  • Payment method for advertisers changed

  • Referral changed

  • Display of revenue to affiliates changed

  • Terms and conditions changed

  • Settlement account deleted

  • Settlement created

  • Settlement deleted

  • Webhook created

  • Webhook deleted

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