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How do I pay affiliates?

This article guides you through the payout process of your affiliates in Trackdesk's platform.

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Paying your affiliates is a straightforward process with Trackdesk. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure you pay the right amounts to the right people:

Creating a Settlement:

  • Begin by navigating to the Billing section and selecting Open Balance.

  • The system will automatically display only the conversions with an "Approved" status. This means you only see the records eligible for settlement, ensuring you don't accidentally pay for conversions that aren't supposed to be paid.

    Opene balance menu.png

Settlement Options:

  • Individual Settlement: Next to each affiliate's name, there's a Settle Balance button. Clicking this will allow you to settle the balance for that specific affiliate.

  • Bulk Settlement: If you wish to settle multiple balances at once, you can use the Settle All Filtered Balances button located in the top right corner.

Understanding Payment Methods:

  • Above the table, you'll notice a display of the available payment methods chosen by your affiliates.

  • This section also provides a breakdown of the funds required to settle balances for each payment method, helping you streamline the payment process.

  • Before initiating payments, it's essential to first add the payment methods you intend to offer to your partners.

How to filter affiliates and prepare them for settlement

To streamline the payout process, use the filters to easily identify and group affiliates. Here's how:

Accessing the Filter Options:

  • Look for the filter options, on the Open balance report page.

Filtering by Minimum Balance:

  • If your affiliate program terms dictate a minimum earnings threshold for payouts (e.g., $500), you can easily filter out affiliates who meet this criteria.

  • Select the 'Minimum Balance' filter, input the desired amount (in this example, $500), and the system will display only those affiliates eligible for payout.

Filtering by Payment Methods:

  • If you offer multiple payment options to your affiliates, filtering by payment method can be invaluable.

  • Select the desired payment method from the filter options.

  • This way, you can group affiliates based on their chosen payment method, simplifying the settlement process.

Streamlining the Payout Process:

  • Once you've filtered by payment method, consider creating individual settlements for each payment method. This offers a structured approach to the payout process and ensures you maintain comprehensive oversight and control.

Next step -> Paying Affiliates

After preparing and creating settlements for your affiliates, you can view all records on the Settled Balance page under the Billing section.

With Trackdesk, you have flexibility in how you handle affiliate payouts:

  1. Individual Payments:

    • You can manually copy the payment data for each affiliate from Trackdesk and process payments individually through your chosen payment method.

  2. Bulk Payments:

    • Alternatively, utilize Trackdesk's 'Export' feature to gather all the relevant payout data.

    • Once exported, you can upload the data en masse to your payment system, allowing for bulk processing of affiliate payouts.

Below we cover the mass payout option using the exports.

Exporting settlement

Settled balance - export button.png
  1. Navigate to the desired settlement by clicking on its row in the Settled Balance page.

  2. This will open a detailed report showcasing all affiliates included in the settlement, their respective payment details, the amount owed, and other pertinent details.

  3. From this report, simply click the 'Export' option.

  4. Once exported, you can then upload the data to your preferred payment or accounting system.

Options of exporting

To export the data, open the details of the settlement and click on the "Export CSV" button. An "Export Settlement" pop-up window will appear.

Export settlement modal.png

Within this window, you can select which payments to export - either a specific payment method or all payment methods (if multiple methods are present in the settlement).

The exported CSV file can then be used to process payments for your affiliates via their respective payment providers.

Additionally, during the export process, you can select your desired delimiter, floating point character, and line ending format. This ensures that the exported data matches the exact format you require.

Paying affiliate using Paypal

We also offer a simplified method for paying affiliates directly via PayPal. For more details, refer to our guide: Paying Affiliates via PayPal Mass Pay.

Frequent Questions

Are the payouts processed automatically?

No, Trackdesk currently doesn't support automatic payouts. You will need to manually process the payouts with your chosen payment provider using the exported data from Trackdesk's platform.

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