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Tired of exporting settlements and paying your affiliates manually? With the Tipalti integration, you can simplify your life by processing payments directly from Trackdesk and stay on top of everything.

This feature is available only for Business plans and higher.

⚠️ In order for feature to work you have to have an existing account on Tipalti. Follow this link to get started.

You can also view an interactive walkthrough of this feature here.

How to set up Tipalti payments on Trackdesk

There are three key steps to start using Tipalti on Trackdesk:

  1. Integrating with your Tipalti account

  2. Enabling Tipalti payment method for affiliates

  3. Getting your affiliates to fill in their payment information

Integrating your Tipalti account

First step is to integrate your Tipalti account with Trackdesk. Start by going to the settings and navigating to Integrations -> Payout automation

On the payout automation, you have to do two things: Authorize API access and Authorize Payer Dashboard.

To authorize API access, simply click the button in the settings. You will be redirected to Tipalti, where all you have to do is allow access.

To authorize the dashboard, you'll have to navigate to your Tipalti hub. The payer name can be found in the top right corner of the dashboard, the master key can be found in under Administration -> API Integration -> API Keys.

Once you have both information filled in, you're all set up to provide Tipalti as the payment method for your affiliates.

Enabling Tipalti payment method for affiliates

Next step is adding support of Tipalti Payment method, so your affiliates can choose the payment method. Navigate to Settings -> Payment methods. Add new a new payment method, you'll see Tipalti payment method right at the at the top and select the currency you'd like to use.

Once added payment method will appear in the list of enabled payment methods and affiliates will be able to chose it as a method of their payouts.

Getting your affiliates to fill in their payment information

Once enabled, your affiliates will have the option to select Tipalti as their preferred payment method. They will have to fill in Tipalti's payee registration form in order to be able to receive the payments (this doesn't mean that they have to have a Tipalti account).

Once they fill in all the necessary information Tipalti is ready to be used for them to process payments.

Processing automated payments

In order to process a payment via tipalti, simply navigate to a detail of a settled balance. You'll see a Pay with Tipalti button. Simply click it and the payment will be processed.

The process is not immediate, the system periodically checks status of the payment on Tipalti. You can also click the "Check now" button to see the status of the payment immediately.

Payment statuses


Analyzing is the initial state meaning that Payment was sent to Tipalti and Tipalti is yet to answer how the payment was initially processed.

Submitted pending

Submitted pending is state where Tipalti accepted the payment to be processed, from this state payment will either be processed or returned for a correction when a specific error occurs.

Submitted OK

Submitted OK is a state where all payments were processed.

Submitted error

Submitted error is a state where one of the payments were unable to be processed.

In order to proceed, contact the affiliates with problem listed in the table below the payments section to correct their information. Relevant affiliates are marked with Rejected payment status in the Payment data column. If information are correct, contact Tipalti support in order for assistance with the affiliate.

Once the problem was resolved, use again the Pay via Tipalti button, this will send affiliates that failed again to the Tipalti hub.

Failure pending

Failure pending is a state where Tipalti was unable to process payment. In order to resolve this problem, wait for a few minutes and use the Pay via tipalti button again to resend the payment. This problem is known on the Tipalti side and above is currently the only solution.

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