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Sale metric visibilities for affiliate networks
Sale metric visibilities for affiliate networks
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Want to hide your revenue cut from dynamic conversions to your affiliates and make it easier for them to understand how their payouts are calculated? Use our sales amount visibility feature to do just that.

This feature is only available for affiliate network users.

Sales amount metric display and behavior

Setting of sales amount display is governed by a toggle in Settings -> Affiliates -> Metric visibility.

When enabled, affiliates will see the full value of a dynamic conversion in their reports and details of your offers.

System will automatically re-calculate the affiliate's percentage from the original sales amount value and show this value.

To better understand the underlying concepts, let's take an example sale conversion:

  • Sale amount is 100$ – the total value of purchase from the end user

  • Revenue amount is set to 10$ – this is set by you in the system

  • Payout is set to 10% – meaning that affiliate is set to receive 1$ as 10% from the 10$ revenue.

  • Affiliate will see their payout as 1% (system will recalculate the payout from the original 100$ sale amount value)

⚠️ The calculation is made strictly on affilaite's frontend. The system itself still calculates the payouts and percentages from set revenue and shows all payout rates in admin view as being calculated from set revenue.

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