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Affiliate tier automation
Affiliate tier automation
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Automations make life easier! This is of course also true when managing your affiliates tiers, so set up clear goals for them to motivate driving more conversions and ascending into better commission rates. All of this is possible with our Affiliate tier automation feature, read on to find out more details.

This feature is present in Starter plan and higher.

Setting up affiliate tier automation

Navigate to Settings -> Affiliates -> Tiers. If you have more than one tier present you will see the option to set up automations.

You will be presented with three metrics, by which to set up automations:

  • Revenue – ascends tiers after a specific amount of revenue has been reached

  • Payout – ascends tiers after a specific amount of payout has been reached

  • Conversion count – ascends tiers after a specific number of conversions is reached

After you set up the global metric, you will be able to specify the threshold amount for each of the tiers.

If you leave the metric count field empty, the tier will not have automation, we recommend doing this for the last of your tiers.

The tiers for your affiliates are updated every day at midnight.

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