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Once you have your direct affiliates all set up and thriving, you might want to consider driving your revenue even further by incentivising them to recruit their own sub-affiliates through our multi-level marketing (MLM) feature.

This feature is available for Growing Bussiness plans and higher.

How does MLM work?

This feature allows your affiliates to recruit their own affiliates (sub-affiliates) via their own invite link directly on trackdesk. The sub-affiliates drive more revenue to you and the direct affiliate gets a set commission from each of the sub-affiliate's conversions as a reward.

How to set up MLM on trackdesk

First, enable MLM by navigating to Settings -> Affiliates -> MLM Commissions.

Here, you can enable MLM and set commission for affiliates. Enabling MLM creates a widget on your affiliate's dashboard with their own registration link. You will be able to see all affiliates and sub-affiliates in your Affiliate list. You can also set the commission amount, this is calculated from the conversion payout amount.

Example MLM payout

Let's see how set up MLM would work in practice. Say you set up a sale conversion with a 10% affiliate share and have a global MLM commission rate of 10%. A sub-affiliate makes a conversion worth 50$, they directly get 5$ from the regular offer and the parent affiliate gets the 10% from their payout on top, so 0,5$. All together, you will pay 5,5$ for the entire conversion.

How do I keep track of my MLM commissions and sub-affiliates?

There are three main places in the system to keep track of MLM metrics: affiliate list, reports and billing.

In the Affiliate list section, you can see if an affiliate has a parent affiliate, directly on the affiliate table, in the affiliate detail modal, you can also see your affiliate's invite link and can directly filter their sub-affiliates.

In the Reports section, you can see commission column (which you can optionally hide) in each of the reports. You can also make use of a specific MLM commissions report which keeps track of all commissions and their associated affiliates and conversion states.

Lastly, in the Billing section you can keep track of how much money in affiliate's payout comes from direct conversions and how much they get on commissions. To find this information, navigate to Settled balance click on the settlement detail and press the settled balance eye icon next to the payout to find the division.

Are there any limits to MLM on trackdesk?

Currently, we support only one level of MLM, other than that there are no other limits to how many sub-affiliates can your affiliates recruit or how many conversions sub-affiliates perform.

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