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Tracking Blocking
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Let's explore how to set up parameter based blocking on both clicks and conversions in Trackdesk. This will allow you to granularly control incoming traffic to your system to stay on top of everything.

You can also view this feature hands-on in our interactive demo.

⚠️ Pay extra caution when setting up the blocking rules to prevent any accidental traffic loss.

How to set up parameter based blocking

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Tracking blocking. You have options to set up parameter based blocking for both incoming clicks and incoming conversions.

To begin, click on the "Add new rule" button. This will create a new rule set into which you can add various conditions.

You can add multiple rule sets that follow the OR logic (meaning block click/conversion when either X happens or when Y happens).

To add conditions to a rule set, click on the + symbol in the rule set:

This will open up a side modal where you can define the conditions:

You have the following parameter options to use for blocking traffic:

Clicks: Aff S1 – S5 params

Conversions: Adv S1 – S5 params, Customer ID, External ID

For all options you can specify if the blocking should occur when the value is either empty or has any values or you can allow exact keyword match to be allowed.

In the end your blocking rules should always look like this:

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