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Affiliate view on the system
Affiliate view on the system
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How to fully set up the affiliate profile

In order to fully set up the affiliate profile, Billing details and Payment method are needed to be filled by the affiliate. Without these information affiliate's commissions will be unable to be settled.

Both Billing details and Payment method are shown to affiliate after registration and stay there until affiliate fills them.

pending settings.png

Both of these settings can be also navigated to via menu

  • Billing β†’ Billing details

  • Billing β†’ Payment methods

Additionally Billing details can be set to required in the Affiliate registration, this way affiliates will get into the system only needing to fill the payment method to be fully set up.

Sending a traffic

In order for affiliate to send traffic they need an Affiliate tracking link.

To get a tracking link, affiliate can use the "Get link" button on their Dashboard if Client used a pin feature to pin a specific offer to the Dashboard.

If no offer was pinned, then affiliate needs to navigate to: Offer list > use button Get link > Copy the link presented to them.

get link offer.png
affiliate tracking.png

Alternatively affiliate can add Aff S1-S5 variables to add their parameters to the tracking URL, this is used if affiliates want to track an ID of any sorts with their clicks or for example mark different sources they use for their traffic.

link variables.png

Next, the link affiliate copied is spread to his visitors to bring traffic to the clients's website.


If creatives are added on the offer, affiliate uses them to present the tracking link on affiliate's website or any other source.

In order to access creatives navigate to tab Creatives in the Offer detail



Affiliates are able to see Settlements of which they were part of and their generated amount on the Dashboard and in the menu Billing > Settled balance.

Sending infromation about conversion to affiliate's external tracking system

Affiliate is able to set a postback tracking to be sent infromation when a conversion of selected parameters occur.

Postback tracking events are sent as a GET request to a selected URL.

In order to create a postback tracking event navigate to Tracking > Postback tracking

S2S tracking.png

Fill all the required information

  • Referral ID - ID of the affiliate, it is prefilled

  • Scope - Scope if postback tracking event should be sent for all offers or if only information from a specific offer should be sent to the affiliate

  • Excluded/Included offers - If Global scope is used then you are able to exclude some offers if needed, if Offer scope is used then you need to specify for which offers information should be sent to the affiliate

  • Conversion types - Conversion types for which the event will be fired, if more are selected, then for event is sent for all selected conversion types

  • Conversion statuses - Conversion statuses for which the event will be fired, if more are selected, even changes are sent to the affiliate

  • URL to fire - URL of affiliates tracker to which the information will be sent

s2s event creation.png

Optionally affiliate can add parameters to the URL by clicking on them under the URL. Parameters Aff S1-S5 that affiliate sent with a click are available and other predefined parameters to choose from.

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