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Affiliate Tiers
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The tier structure is used for setting different payouts for affiliates depending on the performance of affiliates. Add multiple tiers with varying commission rates to motivate affiliates to perform better.

Tier Parameters

The Name of a Tier

The name of a tier is used to identify the tier.

Commission Rate

The commission rate is used to define payouts of conversion types when the offers are created. When a new offer is created the next step is Payouts in the Revenue & Payouts step, the commission rates used to prefill all of the values.

If a conversion type is set to a percentage value, then the commission rate is copied. In case the conversion type is set to a fixed value, then the commission rate is used to calculate a fixed value, and it is prefilled for payouts.

In the special case of a 'revenue unknown' conversion type, we are unable to fill a fixed value as we are unable to calculate a value from the revenue.

Edit of Tiers

In order to edit tiers navigate to settings and go to the Affiliates section, enter the Tiers menu. Tiers can be added, edited and in case a tier is not assigned to any affiliate it can even be deleted. Both the name and commission rates are able to be edited.

Default Tier

The standard tier is defined by us and is used as Default. A tier being default means that when an affiliate sends traffic to an offer, and his tier is not assigned on the offer, then the affiliate falls into the payout of the Standard tier. Learn more about Default Tiers.

Add a Tier to an Existing Offer

Adding a tier does not automatically assign it to already existing offers as we are unaware of your usage. A tier can be added to an existing offer by entering an offer edit on the Revenue & Payouts tab. Keep in mind that after adding a tier you also need to adjust missing information about the payouts in each pricing group of the offer. In addition, please make sure to apply changes before saving it.

Please Note

Changes done for the commission rates will only reflect in newly created offers as the commission rate is only used to filled in values when creating an offer.

How to change affiliate tier

To move affiliates between tiers, navigate to Affiliate list from the main menu. Click on any affiliate whose tier you'd like to change and click the edit button.

In the edit mode, simply select the tier you'd like to move the given affiliate to.

If you want to make your life easier, you can set up affiliate tier automation. Read more about this feature in this article.

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