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Conversion statuses and On-hold
Conversion statuses and On-hold
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Conversion statuses are a part of the Conversion report. They tell you the status that specific conversion has at the moment and also give you the option to transition between them either manually or via API.

Conversion status types


Only conversions in this status are included in the billing to your affiliates. By default conversions will fall in this status. If you want to override this, you can add a conversion status parameter to your tracking script, API or Zapier integration.


This status designates conversion usually imported from integrations that are processing the conversion.


This status allows you to keep conversions on-hold for a specific amount of time, before transitioning to a different state.

How to set up on-hold period for conversions? Navigate to Offer detail -> Revenue and payout. Click the Edit this section button and then click on the Edit prompt in the top section:

Here, you have the option to set up a specific on hold period for each conversion type:

The enabled on-hold feature allows you to:

  • designate the amount of hours conversion should be kept on hold

  • select the status the conversion should go to once the on hold period ends

You will see the remaining time for conversion kept on hold in the conversion report.

This feature is available for Starter plan and higher.


For conversions that are deemed fraudulent, see the Fraud prevention article for more information.

Not allowed

For conversions that are not allowed. This status is automatically assigned to conversions comming from affiliates that are not allowed for Private offer or conversion is created for already Disabled landing page on an offer.


For conversions that were rejected for whatever reason.


For conversions that were refunded (i.e. sale refund) and therefore should not be paid out.

Changing conversion statuses

You have three primary ways of changing conversion statuses, manually per conversion, in bulk or via API.

Manually changing conversion status

You can manually change the conversion status directly from the dropdown in conversion report. Alternatively, you can view the click and conversion detail and change the status directly for each conversion on click:

Changing conversion status via API

You can use an API endpoint to change the conversion status by a conversion parameter external ID. Refer to our API documentation for more details.

Bulk update conversion statuses

You can bulk update multiple conversions by ticking the checkbox on the left side of the conversion table. The update conversions button will be shown at the bottom of the screen:

In the pop-up modal select the status you would like the conversions to change to and click save:

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