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Fraud prevention
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Empower your affiliate program with the ability to catch suspicious behavior and take actions. This feature provides detection on Affiliates, Clicks, and Conversions based on our ruleset to identify suspicious behavior. With identifications provided by us, you can better monitor your affiliates' health and the traffic your affiliates bring you.

Fraud prevention feature is present in plans Business and above.

Where are the indicators shown?

Fraud prevention is tied to Affiliate, Click, and Conversion entities, and depending on our ruleset, each of these shows indications if suspicious indications are detected.

Indications are shown in the Affiliate list, Click report, and Conversions report.

How to turn Fraud prevention ON/OFF

The fraud prevention feature is by default turned ON. If you wish to turn the feature OFF, navigate to Settings, to the section Affiliates, to the menu Fraud prevention, and change the settings.

Does Trackdesk take any direct actions?

No, in the current versions of the Fraud prevention feature Trackdesk will only let you know with the indications above that there might be a problem, and it is recommended to keep an eye on the cases where the ruleset detected suspicious indications.

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