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So you've created your first offer and installed the tracking script on your landing page? That's great and you're almost ready to get the click and conversions rolling in! To make sure that everything is working correctly, you can check that data is flowing with our click checker.

Click on the Click test button in the third step of the Quick setup

You will see a modal pop up with information about the click. Visit the landing page you set up in your offer and wait a couple of seconds. Make sure that you access the site without any adblocking tools.

If everything was set up correctly you should see the click being registered by the system which means that everything is ready to go and you can start inviting affiliates to take part in your offers and start growing your affiliate business πŸš€

Having trouble?

If you're having trouble with the setup, check that all settings on your offer are correct, if trouble persists, feel free to contact us via the Request assistance button and our support team will help you get started.

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