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Create an Offer
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Offers are the heart of our system. They allow you to adjust the flow of the pricing to your liking. The offer creation process consists of 5 steps.


This step allows you to name the offer. The name of the offer is visible to all users in the offer list and should help affiliate identify the content of the offer when more offers are present.

Landing page URL

The landing page specifies pages where affiliates send their visitors. Landing pages will contain the Click tracking script, more on this below.

Payout settings

Payouts for the offer are set on this page. Depending on the template you chose, payouts will contain different information to fill in, either fixed or percentage values.

What to do next

In the next step, You create the offer, and You are moved to the Offer tracking instructions. Your next step will be to integrate the tracking method according to the offer template you chose to be able to correctly track clicks and conversions.

In order to set up tracking, follow instructions on the Offer detail Tracking method tab or see the following collection for selected integration setups - Integrations collection.

Advanced Offer Create Flow

In order to enter the advanced offer create flow use the Start from scratch button in the Offer create window.

For more information about the advanced offer create flow see the following article - Advanced Offer Create.

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