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Install tracking script on your website
Install tracking script on your website
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To track the clicks of your affiliates, include this code on every page of your website where you want to track clicks, including all landing pages. For best results, position the code as high as possible within the HEAD tag of your website.

<!-- Trackdesk tracker begin -->
<script async src="//"></script>

trackdesk("YOUR-TENANT-ID", "click");
<!-- Trackdesk tracker end -->

You need to replace "YOUR-TENANT-ID" by your actual tenant id. (What is tenant id and where can you find it?)

Please note that you need to place this script in case of any integration. Without this script we can't track any clicks on your website generated by your affiliates.

A step-by-step manual is part of the offer creation process.

You also have the option to send the instructions to your developers. They can help you with the installation of all the scripts without having access to your Affiliate program.

Next steps:

After installing the script for tracking clicks, you need to connect your payment gateway for tracking conversions. If you don't have a payment gateway, we have alternative ways to connect.

These are the most used integrations:

  • Stripe integration

  • Woocommerce integration

  • Shopify integration

  • API integration

  • Custom JS integration

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