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Testing an Offer
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When you create an offer, we recommend testing it to make sure the tracking works. To test an offer you will first need to implement the tracking of an offer. To do this refer to the offer detail tab labelled tracking methods or to the articles for defined cases in our article collection about Integrations.

In order to test an offer, it is recommended to use the private visibility for the offer, as private offers are not able to be seen by affiliates after they are created. If you are creating your first offer and no affiliates are present yet, feel free to use any status. When you are done, the testing visibility can be changed as you like.

How to Test an Offer

To test an offer open the details of the offer and go to the Affiliates tracking tab.

If you used the Private visibility for the offer you will need to assign an affiliate to the offer, to test the flow.

Next, select the affiliate, select the landing page, and copy the URL that is prefilled. Additionally, you can add any affiliate parameters to see track affiliate parameters. Affiliates use these parameters mostly to insert IDs from their system. They can get these IDs reported back by the tracking event when a conversion occurs.

Make sure the tracking scripts are set on the website.

Now, enter the affiliate tracking link you copied in the step above.

After you enter the landing page, you can check a click was created for your test in the click report.

When the click report contains the information about the click, you can continue the flow in your system which will lead to a conversion. If the click report doesn't contain the record, make sure the click script is inserted into your website correctly and try again.

Now continue in the flow of your system, when you reach the stage when conversion should be fired (for example, in most cases a thank you page on which conversion is supposed to be fired), you can check the conversion report if the record occurred there. If not visit the conversion error log for more information. When no information is found in the conversion error log, make sure the conversion script is correctly present on the thank you page.

⚠️ When testing conversions, it's best practice to use sale amounts that you expect will be flowing through the system. Do not test it on arbitrarily large amounts such as 1m$ and more.

If you have any problems implementing tracking, contact your developer or our support for help.

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