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Invite Your Affiliates
Invite Your Affiliates
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Inviting affiliates to your program is a fundamental step in launching your partnership program. Trackdesk offers an easy way to add affiliates.

Where do you find a link to invite affiliates?

On your Trackdesk dashboard, you will see the Share a Link section. There, you will find a shareable link to the affiliate signup. Click on Copy Link to add it to your clipboard.

Invite new affiliates to join your affiliate program by sharing the invite link via direct messaging, social media platforms, or affiliate marketplaces.

Adding an Affiliate Manually

Alternatively, you can add an affiliate manually to the system. Navigate to the Affiliate list and use the button Add new affiliate.

Select Add via form and fill in all the information for the affiliate in the registration. Then select the status. Those selected as Enabled or Pending will receive the appropriate welcome emails.

After affiliate is created

After affiliate is created they generate a link and start sendind visitors. For more information see the following article - How to Generate a Link for your Affiliates.

Invite Them Via Email:

Best way to start is to share announcement of your newly opened affiliate program with your potential partners through your own mailing system, such as Mailchimp. Draft a formal email announcing your offer, and send them a message. Here's an example:

Dear [Partner's Name],

We are excited to introduce our new affiliate program, offering you the opportunity to collaborate with us. We offer a 30 % share of the client's revenue. You can find all the details here.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

Place a Link to the Sign-Up Page on Your Website's Footer:

Make the affiliate program accessible to visitors by adding a link to the sign-up page in the footer of your website. This ensures that potential partners can easily find the information they need.

Create a Special Landing Page for Your Affiliate Program:

Consider developing a dedicated landing page where you can comprehensively explain the conditions of your program and what exactly you're seeking from your affiliates. This page serves as a detailed guide and a persuasive tool to encourage sign-ups.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively reach and engage potential affiliates. The combined use of email invitations, strategic web placements, social media announcements, and a specialised landing page can create a cohesive and efficient invitation process.

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