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Paying Affiliates via
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If you wish to use to pay your affiliates, please refer to the following guide. In general, you have two options:

  1. Use the Batch Payment option, allowing you to pay your affiliates directly into their bank accounts from your Wise account.

  2. Send money from one Wise account to another, using only your affiliate's email address.

Decide which option you prefer and set up the payment method for your affiliates accordingly. For Batch Payment, we recommend adding 'Bank Transfer' or 'Bank Transfer SEPA'. For transfers between Wise accounts, you can add a payment method simply called 'Wise'.

We advise checking everything from the affiliate's perspective to ensure you understand exactly what your partners will see on your platform.

How do I prepare a CSV file for Wise?

Initially, settle your balances and export them to a CSV file. You have the option to settle all filtered balances or a specific one.

new open balance.png

In the Settled balances detail, click on the Export CSV button.

Settled balances - export csv button.png

Select a Payment method you want to export and click on the Export button.

export settlement.png

How do I make a batch payment?

Firstly, you must set up and verify a Wise Business account. Learn how to get your business verified.

Which batch templates are available?

Wise offers three different file templates. You can send money to saved or new recipients, given you know their bank account details. Alternatively, you can send money using just their email address.


Once your Wise Business account is verified, follow these steps to set up a batch:

  1. From Home, click Send money and then Batch Payments.

  2. Select and download a batch payment template file.

  3. Fill in your template file. Learn how to fill your batch template here.

  4. Save your file as a .CSV or .XLSX and upload it to the batch payments page.

  5. Review the transfers and pay for your batch.

How do I fill in my batch template?

First, select and download a template here. A template builder guide is also available for each one to aid you in filling it in.

Each template has its default columns, varying depending on the type and currencies chosen. The crucial columns are:

Name — the name of your recipient as it appears on their bank account.

sourceCurrency — the currency you use to pay for your batch.

targetCurrency — the currency your recipients will receive.

Amount — the value of your transfer (numerical characters only).

amountCurrency — defines your payment type.

Payment Types:

  1. Fixed Source Payment — choose this to send an exact amount in the source currency. Fees will be deducted from your recipients.

  2. Fixed Target Payment — choose this to send an exact amount in the target currency. Fees will be deducted from you, and recipients will receive the exact amount.

Additional Information:

Sending Options:

Send by email and Send to saved recipients: Log in to your Wise account and download the files from here. Then, open the .CSV file with a spreadsheet app like Microsoft Excel or Numbers and fill it out.

Saved to bank accounts: Prefill information about recipients (e.g. their currency, country, and amount) in our template builder. Each currency combination requires different information.

Tips for Every Template

  • Avoid editing the names of the column headers; it will render your file unreadable. However, reordering columns is permissible.

  • Each row in the file spreadsheet represents one transfer — add up to 1,000 transfers per batch file.

  • While you can make batch payments to different currencies, you can only pay in one.

  • Once you’ve filled in your template, save it as a .CSV or .XLSX and upload it to your account.

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