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Provide your affiliates with some assets they can use to promote your company/product. Navigate into the detail of an Offer > Creatives. You can upload banners or any other materials you'd like your affiliates to use here.

Each vertical/product has unique needs. Here are the most common types of creatives that most businesses use:

  1. Banners: These are graphical ads that affiliates can place on their websites. They come in various sizes, its better to provide affiliates with as many sizes as possible.

  2. Text Links: These are hyperlinked texts that can be embedded within blog posts, articles, or other written content. They are usually designed to blend in with the rest of the content and provide a seamless user experience.

  3. Landing Pages: Customized landing pages can be designed to funnel traffic from affiliate sites directly to a targeted product or service page, enhancing the conversion rate.

  4. Email Templates: If your affiliates are engaging in email marketing, providing them with pre-written email templates that they can customize can be very helpful.

  5. Social Media Images and Posts: These are specially crafted images and text for sharing on various social media platforms. They can include branded graphics, promotional text, and specific hashtags.

  6. Product Images and Descriptions: High-resolution images of products, along with concise and attractive descriptions, allow affiliates to present your products in the best possible way.

  7. Video Content: Video clips or promotional videos can be powerful tools, especially for products that require demonstration or visual appeal.

  8. Infographics: These can be used to explain complex products or services in a visually appealing way.

  9. PDF Guides or eBooks: For more detailed information about a product or service, you might provide guides or eBooks that affiliates can offer to their audience as a value-added resource.

By preparing these assets, you can ensure that their affiliates have the necessary tools to promote their products or services effectively. Different affiliates may prefer different types of creatives, so it's wise to offer various options to cater to various marketing strategies and channels.

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