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Custom Color Theme
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Custom color theme feature allows you to further customize your dashboard and dashboard of your affiliates. Paired together with our other customization features like custom logo and favicon, you can really make Trackdesk yours!

The color theme feature is included in the Starter plan and higher.

How to change the color theme

Navigate to the Settings from sidebar. Under Customization, you'll find the Color themes option.

Color theme options

You can choose from twenty pre-configured color combinations. While you can only see the primary color in the settings, various complementary shades of the selected colors are applied across the entire UI of both your dashboard, and the dashboard of your affiliates.

Toggling the "Apply to Background" option will apply gradient color background to the application's main navigation – the sidebar/topbar.

Not sure which color to pick? The ✨Surprise me button is just the tool you need to get you started!

Who does this change affect?

Changing a color theme applies to the whole system for all users.

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