Invite Your Colleagues
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Need to invite more people from your company to access your Affiliate program? The "Invite our colleagues" feature makes collaborating and sharing access with your team members easy.

How to Invite a Colleague

Enter settings, section General, page Users.

Click the Invite a new user button. Enter their email addresses, and they'll receive an invite link via email.


The list of invited colleagues will be available on the same page, with their status set to "Pending" until they accept the invitation. You can view the list at any time to track who from your colleagues has access to your trackdesk platform.


The invitation expires after seven days. If the invitation expires or isn't accepted, you will need to reinvite the colleague.

Restrict Access

If you need to restrict a colleague's access, click on their name in the list and edit the colleague's status. This ensures that you maintain control over who can access your account.

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