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Create an Offer - Getting Started
Create an Offer - Getting Started
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The first step of the offer create contains the most basic information about an offer.

Description of Individual Fields

Name - The name of your offer that will be visible to everyone in the offer list

Description - This field is used to describe an offer to your affiliates.

Restrictions - This field is to specify conditions or limitations to your offer. This section is only visible once filled and is optional to fill.

Internal Note - Use the internal note to share information with your team or as a reminder for yourself. This field is visible only when completed and optional.

Flow Type - A flow type identifies what type of flow your offer should represent to your affiliates. You can choose between a Revenue share, CPA, and CPL.

Visibility - We support two options of visibility Public and Private. Public visibility means the offer is accessible to all Affiliates. Private visibility means an offer is accessible to the Affiliates with specific access. Private visibility is helpful in two cases; you can have a special offer directed to performing affiliates with a higher payout or to test an offer. (We recommend using the private visibility always for testing.) See our, 'Testing a new Offer' article for testing an offer.

Offer Thumbnail - An offer thumbnail is a sneak peek at your offer. Give your affiliates a glimpse of what your offer is about.

Offer Tags - Offer tags are a way to tag your offers with important information visually. An example of tags can be New, SALE, or Summer.

Targeting Section

The targeting section contains recommendations that affiliates should follow. These recommendations include Language, Device, and Channels.

The language means the preferred languages of the offer. The device specifies what devices are targeted. Channels refer to which traffic channels you prefer.

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