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Launch an Offer
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The launch step of the offer create is a summary if everything on offer is set correctly.

In addition, the launch step will lead you through the integration of the offer process. For the integration of some special defined cases, you can use our Integration help articles.

Note that if the same conversion type settings are used in all offers, then the integration needs to be done only once. If specific conversion types are used on more offers, then all of these need to be integrated individually.

When you are done with tracking setup, publish the offer via Publish offer button.

Test Your Integration

Test your integration before starting the offer. If you want to test the offer, it needs to be published. The best way to test the offer is to create it using Private visibility so an affiliate can not see the Offer before you know it is tested properly.

In order to test the offer go to the offer detail Affiliate tracking tab, and take an affiliate link, the same way an affiliate would. Now go through the process the same way the visitor would, to see if the tracking is set properly. You can check by visiting the Click and Conversion reports to see if records occur there. If the records of a conversion do not appear in the Conversion report you can check the Conversion error log, if any error was caught on your side.

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