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Private Offers
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When creating or editing an offer, it is possible to set the visibility to private.

If an offer is private, only those affiliates who are manually selected will see the offer and will be able to send traffic to it.

Adding & Removing an Affiliate to an Offer

In order to add or remove an affiliate for a private offer you need to go to Offers β†’ Affiliate tracking tab β†’ Affiliate management section. There you can add or remove affiliates.

After the affiliates are added, they will be able to see the offer in their Offer list.

In the offer list, private offers are tagged with a Private tag.

Affiliates Not Assigned to the Offer

  • Affiliates not assigned to the offer are unable to see the offer.

  • When an affiliate had access to the offer before and has a tracking link for it, the conversions will be blocked.

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