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Terms and Conditions
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An affiliate program should be legally protected by well-defined Terms & Conditions. These define the business relationship between you and your partners promoting your products/company.

Trackdesk provides you with a template of Terms & Conditions that you can use to run your Affiliate program.

Trackdesk offers customization of the Terms & Conditions as part of the paid plan. See the complete overview of features for more details.

Where are T&C visible?

Affiliates can see your Terms & Conditions

  • In the footer of the affiliate registration

  • On login page to your system

  • In their user menu in the top right corner


You can view Preview your current version, which affiliates can see, by clicking the "Preview" button.


If you wish to edit the Terms & Conditions, you can use the edit button.

In edit, you can use variables predefined by us, these change depending on the current value.

For these variables, we use your company, you define in settings on page Company details.

Usable markdown

You can use

  • H1 - H3

  • Bold formatting

  • Numbered list

  • And bullet point list

After editing, you can always return to our current version with the revert button.

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