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Get notified of new conversions via Zapier
Get notified of new conversions via Zapier
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Our Zapier app gives you an ability to get notified when a new conversion happens in your Trackdesk account. This notification can be done to any service that Zapier supports.

First step is to enter create of Zapier Zap. This can be done from Zapier dashboard.

Next steps are to integrate Trackdesk trigger "New Conversion" and action that you would like to get notified with.

Setting up a trigger

First you will select the Trackdesk app.

In Trackdesk app you will choose event "New Conversion"

After selecting event you will connect your account to Zapier using the Sign in button.

On the screen you will fill your Tenant ID (you can get this information in Settings of your affiliate program, at the bottom of the page) and API key (you can get this information on the same place as Tenant ID, in Settings, at the bottom of the page).

Then after confirming you continue to the next step Test and use Test trigger button to check the trigger is working properly.

Next you use Continue button to finish the Trigger part.

Setting up an action

After setting up a trigger you are shown to select an action. Action will depend on where you want to get notified of the new conversions.

For this example we will show how to set up notification with Slack.

First we will select an event, in this case for example "Send Direct Message".

Then you will connect your account for the service you will be using.

And then you will fill the Action itself. In your disposal you have all parameters that are present on the conversion.

Now you will fill all parameters of the action.

In order to add parameter to a field you will click into the field and a select box is shown as on the picture below. When you click on for example Conversion ID, then Conversion ID is added to the message text as shown on the top of the picture below.

(below is the example how a message can be formated)

When you have the action set with all required parameters you will continue to step Test. And then after the test, which will show in the service you are adding, you will publish the Zap.

When Zapier is published you will start receiving messages to the service you just connected for every new conversion that will happen in your Trackdesk system.

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