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How to manually attribute a Stripe customer to an affiliate?
How to manually attribute a Stripe customer to an affiliate?
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How to manually create a conversion

In order to manually create a conversion, select a click in Click report and use Create conversion button in the opened sidemodal.

Select all required information - Conversion type, Amount if selected conversion type is dynamic and Conversion type, and create the conversion

How to add the attribution to affiliate for all future conversions of the customer

Customer can be manually attributed for all further purchases by connecting a click with External CID by API.

  • This link you can find in the Settings page as API documentation

    api doc.png

  • In this example we will be using service called Postman

  • Install and open Postman

  • Create new POST request

  • Add URL <tenantId>/tracking/external-cid/v1

  • Add Request Body:
    "externalCid": "REPLACE_ME",
    "revenueOriginId": "REPLACE_ME",
    "cid": "REPLACE_ME"

  • externalCid value add email of the customer that is present on his Stripe contact

  • cid value you will find in the Click report, select cid of a click that affiliate refered to you as click of the refered Customer

    cid click.png
  • revenueOriginId and tenantId values you can find in the Settings page

    2023-10-18 23_49_27-Settings – test-company-592023.png

  • Postman example Request ←→ Response


  • Under External CID column you will now see email

  • From now on all payments of the customer will be refered to the affiliate that brought the click

    email EXT CID.png
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