The Conversion Error Log
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The conversion error log contains information about failed conversion attempts.

All the records with the status of error contains detail in the side modal that contains more information about the reason the conversion request was rejected.

The conversion error log displays the 200 most recent system and user errors.

Status of an Error

  • System Error - These are errors that occurred from inside the trackdesk system. These details are not visible in the log.

  • User Error - These errors are caused by a configuration set of the user. Details of user errors are visible in the log.

List of Errors

  • Conversion type not configured – The conversion type is not specified in the conversion request.

  • Conversion source not found – The affiliate was not found.

  • Expired configuration source – The conversion request from a disabled affiliate or affiliate link.

  • Offer not active – The request is for a deactivated/inactive offer.

  • Conversion type not found – The conversion type for a conversion request does not exist.

  • Missing conversion amount – The conversion request does not have a specified amount.

  • Conversion already exists – The conversion request for a non-recurrent offer already exists.

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