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Apply to run offers
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Create offers with limited access and have direct control over who has the access to the offer, without the micro-management of private offers – this is the essence of the apply to run feature.

This feature is available only for Enterprise plans.

What are apply to run offers

Apply to run offers means that affiliates have to send an application to take part in a specific offer for their clicks and conversions to be counted by the system. An affiliate has to send an application from their portal, and you can review, approve or decline the application in your Trackdesk portal.

In this sense they are very similar to private offers, and as in private offers, you can even add affiliates manually to offers yourself in order to skip the application process.

How to set up apply to run

Setting up apply to run on offers is very simple, simply select it in the visibility option in the general tab on offer create/edit:

Managing apply to run offers

Offers set as apply to run will show up on affiliate's available offer list. They will have to send an application in order to access the offer. You will find pending applications in the main menu, under Offers -> Offer applications.

Here you can review, accept and reject applications:

To review who has the access to the offer, see history of applications and assign affiliates manually, navigate to Offer detail –> Affiliate tracking tab

From this overview you can also revoke access to affiliates who were previously approved or manually added.

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