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This guide will help you to start with trackdesk in no time. We recommend reading our article What is trackdesk? to fully understand what our software offers and what it can help you with.

First, you need to sign up with trackdesk. Once your trackdesk account is opened, you can continue installing trackdesk on your website.

Simply follow these three steps:

  • Create your first offer - here, you define how much (flat amount or what percentage) you pay your partners. We have prepared many templates to help you step-by-step with your first affiliate campaign. (2 mins)

  • Install tracking script on your website - insert a piece of code to your website & integrate your payment gateway (10 mins)

  • Post-install checklist - invite your affiliates & launch your affiliate program (10 mins)

The whole process should take you at most few minutes.

We provide integration manuals for all sorts of platforms & payment providers. Feel free to contact our support anytime to ask for help with integrating your website.

Go to step #1 >>> Create your first offer

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