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Revenue and Payouts
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Trackdesk is intuitive for payouts to affiliates. Payouts are structured to give you the ability to customize them to your liking. You can pay everyone at once, by a 'tier' hierarchy, or by the achievement of specific goals (e.g., conversion types).

Tier Settings

In tiers, you can choose if you want to pay affiliates the same amount or based on a tiered hierarchy. To use the first variant, use the default "Standard Tier" and delete all other tiers. You can use a premade state in tiers for the second variant, then click Apply.

Conversion Type Settings

In 'conversion types', you can choose if you want to use all the created conversion types or a few of them for an offer. Conversion types have the following parameters: Conversion Type, Number Type, and Value Type.

Conversion Type - This field is for the conversion type you wish to use.

Value Type - A value type is for setting a fixed value for payouts (Fixed), percentage payouts (Percentage), or fixed values without entering a revenue (Revenue unknown). If you choose a percentage, the value must be prepared in our conversion script. This way, we can calculate the actual affiliate payout. Otherwise, the values are saved in the offer for the payouts for the affiliates. Add your desired conversion types, then click the 'Apply' button in the Revenue & Payouts block.

Recurrence Limit - This means the conversion type is acceptable a specified amount of times - once, a specified number of times, or unlimited times.


After saving the tier and conversion types, you can proceed to 'group.' Groups organize payouts to, well, groups. Groups contain an offer's payouts to countries or a set of countries (*and soon by currencies). A group is added by clicking the 'Add' new group button. You can add as many groups as you like. A group is divided into three parts General, Revenue, and Payouts.

General - This contains basic information; Name, Location, and Currency.

The name of a group will help you organize and identify a group. You can do this, for example, by specifying a region or continent.

Location will let you separate payouts for countries. You can also use the "Global" location if you don't want to separate traffic by a specific country. The global setting can be overridden by creating an additional group with specified countries. You can have one set of payouts for all countries and a particular country with different payouts. However, you can not assign one group for global and individual countries.

The currency we currently support is a singular currency per account. Your selected currency is defined during registration. The possibility of adding different currencies will be added in the near future.

Revenue - You can fill in the following values in the conversion type settings; a fixed number, percentage value, or revenue unknown). Revenue is the amount of the order. These values calculate an affiliate payout.

Payouts - Payouts are what the affiliates will receive when a conversion is created. After assigning payouts, they are predefined depending on a tier's set of commission rates. Feel free to edit these default values or keep them as they are.

When done, click the "Apply" button. You can either add more groups or continue to the next step.

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