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Conversion Types
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Conversion types differentiate different goals made by a click. A click can lead to a specific conversion type depending on your use case. The difference between conversion types is their goal.

Take for example, for instance, our defined conversion types - Registration and Sale. A registration conversion type is reached when a user registers to your system, and a sale is reached when for example an order is made.

How to Add a New Conversion Type

In order to add a new conversion type, navigate to settings to the General section to the Conversion types page. Click the Add a new conversion type button.

In the window select the name of the conversion type. See that a conversion type code was prefilled. The conversion type code is in a specific format to comply with standards used in JS scripts. When the conversion of a specific conversion type is integrated, the code parameter is used in the script.

How to Delete a Conversion Type

A conversion type can be deleted from the same list as above by clicking the trash bin icon. Note that the conversion type can be deleted only if it wasn't used. If it was used it is locked and can not be deleted due to compatibility reasons.

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