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Can affiliates see your customer's details?
Can affiliates see your customer's details?
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As we value both our client's and their customer's privacy, it's essential to clarify what details our affiliates can access.

What Information Do Affiliates Have Access To?

The visibility of specific customer details to our affiliates depends entirely on the information that the client integrates and sends to our Trackdesk system. Here’s a breakdown of what our affiliates can see:

Customer ID Parameter of Conversion:

This parameter represents a unique identifier for the customer who initiated the conversion. It allows our affiliates to understand which specific user action led to a successful conversion.

Visibility: Affiliates can access and view the Customer ID parameter associated with each conversion.

Location: You can locate this parameter on the Conversion report page.

External ID Parameter of Conversion:

The External ID parameter may contain an identifier or reference that is meaningful both to our clients and the affiliates. This parameter offers a bridge between the client's system and the affiliate tracking mechanism.

Visibility: Affiliates can also view the External ID parameter of a conversion.

Location: This detail is available on the Conversion report page.

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More Information about External CID Parameter:

The External CID parameter associated with each click might represent an external campaign or click identifier. This identifier is essential for affiliates as it helps them recognize specific click events that eventually lead to conversions.

Visibility: Affiliates have unrestricted access to the External CID parameter.

Location: This parameter is available in both the Click and Conversion report pages.

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While our affiliates can access certain parameters that provide insights into the conversion process, it's crucial to understand that these details are limited to the data clients decide to integrate and share with our Trackdesk system. Your customer's private information remains confidential and inaccessible to our affiliates.

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