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Customize Affiliate Registration Form
Customize Affiliate Registration Form
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Feature update history:

  • 04/07/24 – Added single/multi select as an answer option to custom questions.

Our Custom Affiliate Registration Form feature provides you with the flexibility to create a personalized registration form for potential affiliates. You can choose which fields to display or hide; thus streamlining the registration process.

Below are the options available with this feature:

Billing Details

You can choose whether to require or hide billing details from the registration form. This option allows you to gather the necessary information required for billing purposes from the affiliates.

Additional Details

You can choose to use premade or custom questions, if any of them are set visible they will appear in the affiliate registration form.

Premade Questions

There are 10 premade questions available in the registration form, and you can choose to require, make them optional, or hide them from the form. These questions are designed to help you gather additional information from the affiliates.

Custom Questions

You can add custom questions to the registration form with text-type answers, yes/no questions or select option answers (you can select if you want to allow multiple answers). You can also choose to require, make optional, or hide these custom questions. This option enables you to gather specific information that suits your business requirements.

The Affiliate Details Page

All the information provided by a registered affiliates is stored in the affiliate detail in the affiliate list. Access this page to view the details of an affiliate, including the information they provided during the registration process.

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