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Postback tracking log
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The postback tracking log contains information about sent tracking events, such as

  • Date, Status, Conversion ID, Source, Offer, Conversion type and Conversion status.

The most important information is the status. It tells you if the tracking event was sent and accepted correctly or it wasn't.

Status of Sent Tracking Events

The status tells you if the tracking event was accepted by a server or if some error had occurred. The detail of each sent tracking event can be seen in the side modal detail of the record. The side modal detail is opened by clicking the row of the record.

The detail contains the Attempts section at the bottom, which gives you more information about how the event was accepted or rejected and what was the reason that it was rejected.


When a sent tracking event is rejected, then the event is retried up to 7 times until it is rejected or eventually accepted.

Success Status

Success status is present on the records that retries had succeded on, be it the first try or final try.

Retrying status

Retrying status is present on records that didn't succeed on the last try and still didn't fulfill all seven retries.

Error status

Error status is present on records that didn't succeed on any of the seven retries.

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