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Release Notes – February 2024
Release Notes – February 2024
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Release Notes – February 22

  • Fixed a bug preventing app functionality on latest Google Chrome browsers

  • Added descriptions to public API documentation

  • Other small bug fixes and improvements

Release Notes – February 20

  • Added option to autogenerate payouts to advertisers.

  • Fixed a bug that caused registration failure in some cases.

  • Other small bugfixes and tweaks.

Release Notes – February 15

  • Reports for admins are now by default sorted by revenue, and by payout for affiliates.

Release Notes – February 9

  • Affiliate status and tier can now be changed via API. See the API documentation for more details.

  • Affiliates and admins can now be manually deleted.

  • You can now choose to hide revenue display on affiliates’ dashboard.

  • Added email information to settlement exports.

  • Added option to WooCommerce plugin that allows sending of customer email as customer ID.

  • Various bugfixes and optimisations.

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