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Is trackdesk working across sub domains?
Is trackdesk working across sub domains?
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Absolutely. Trackdesk is designed to function seamlessly across subdomains. Here's a breakdown of how it operates:

How is a cookie saved on a subdomain?

When a user lands on a subdomain, such as, a JavaScript "click" script runs. This script produces a cookie which is then stored on the main, or parent, domain. As a result, this cookie is accessible not only by the initial subdomain ( but also by sibling subdomains (like and the parent domain (

In other words, the cookie is consistently saved on the parent domain, ensuring that conversions can be registered on the parent domain and on any associated subdomains.

How are conversions tracked on subdomains?

With the cookie available across a range of domains, tracking conversions or user actions on any of these becomes straightforward. For instance, if you aim to register a conversion when a user performs a specific task on, you can extract the data from the cookie and activate the conversion event right from that domain. The same methodology applies whether the action occurs on,, or the parent domain,, all thanks to the universally accessible cookie data.

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