Release notes - August 2023
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Release notes - August 31, 2023

  • Coupon feature was introduced, see following article to know more about coupons - LINK

  • Coupons were added to our Zapier integration

  • New payment methods were introduced - Payoneer, Wise, Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, Bank transfer (SEPA), Neteller, Mercado Pago, Skrill, Gift card, Credit store

  • Multicurrency feature was introduced, clients are able to support more currencies for offers and affiliate payouts

  • Endpoint to change conversion status via External ID was introduced to public API

  • Affiliate overview report was introduced to public API

  • Introduced an ability to change Recurrence and Number type on existing Offer

Release notes - August 17, 2023

  • Trackdesk Stripe app was published

Release notes - August 15, 2023

  • Allow 0.001 as minimal positive value of conversion

  • Fixed bug of Stripe app where "+" symbol in an email caused errors in tracking of customers

  • API access through Personal token was unlocked for clients in FREE plan

Release notes - August 11, 2023

  • WooCommerce plugin was updated to support newest versions of WooCommerce

  • Offer description, restrictions and Internal note can now contain paragraphs in their formating

  • Count of offers was added to all tabs in Offer list to show how many offers are in each status

  • Fixed an issue where having an exact number of records in table as limit of paging resulted in user to load next page which was empty

  • Fixed an issue where stepper overlapped with currency in Create Offer via template process

  • Error message was corrected on the Email message page to contain correct information

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases Dashboard chart didn’t update

  • Fixed an issue where Pie chart would not show separate records if they were called the same (for example if landing pages were called same)

  • Error messsage when using same External ID for another conversion was corrected to contain correct information in Conversion error log

  • Fixed an Issue with chat icon that resulted in icon not showing in some cases after log out and log in

  • Error message was added when user fills not valid email to Invite user feature

  • Fixed an issue where Question mark icon at bottom right part of screen was not visible in some cases

  • Fixed an issue where Main menu was being automatically closed in some cases

Release notes - August 4, 2023

  • Webhooks feature is introduced to the system

    • More information about Webhooks can be found here - LINK

  • Pie charts are introduced to aggregated reports for all roles

  • Fixed issue with HMTL5 banner in Offer creatives was unable to be uploaded in some cases

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