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Import conversions via CSV
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Missing a bulk of conversions in the system that should be there? Easily fill in the blanks with the bulk conversion upload feature.

The feature is only available in the Business plan or higher.

Preparing the source file

In order to upload conversions to the system, the CSV needs to have these following parameters present:

  • External CID or CID – only one parameter per conversion is allowed to prevent mismatching

  • Conversion type

  • Amount (only mandatory for conversions with percentage payout)

These following parameters can also be added to the CSV, but are optional:

  • Conversion status

  • Currency

  • External ID

  • Customer ID

  • Adv S1

  • Adv S2

  • Adv S3

  • Adv S4

  • Adv S5

The easiest way to bulk import conversions is to export the clicks (from Reports -> Click report) for which you want to fill in the conversions and adding the required parameters – conversion type and amount for conversions with percentage payout.

Uploading the conversions

Once you have the source file prepared, navigate to Reports -> Conversion report and click the Import button.

Upload the CSV you prepared and match the parameters in the uploader modal, you can use auto fill for parameters like Status or Revenue origin ID.

You will see the imported conversions on the overview once done, if there was an error in individual conversion uploads you'll see the reason in the little question mark icon next to status column (all the way to the right) in the import table.

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