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Can I have more than one active offer?
Can I have more than one active offer?
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Yes, absolutely. The number of active offers you can have is determined by your chosen plan. For more details, please refer to our Pricing page, which provides a complete feature comparison of all packages.

Having more active offers becomes particularly beneficial when you have a growing number of affiliates in the system. Each offer can serve as a way to distinguish between affiliates' traffic sources and their promotion methods. You can even use offers to set different payout rates for various types of affiliates. Additionally, consider having a unique offer for each landing page...

... there are endless reasons why you might need multiple offers in your Trackdesk account. The platform is fully customizable and can adapt to your specific needs.

Please note: Not all offers are visible to affiliates. Offers with an "Active" status and set as "Public" are visible to all affiliates. However, those set as "Private" will only be visible to chosen affiliates.

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